The Pale Blue Door

Number 5


April 2019: we are 10!! Come and celebrate with us!!

The Pale Blue Door hits its magical 10th Birthday!! Opened in 2009, amidst a great dark time in the world, its light, love and laughter shone brightly to illuminate those times and continues to do so today.

Now more than ever we need to remain upbeat! The old doors days are numbered, the developers closing in, enjoy her whilst you can! I have a wee plan up my sleeve to keep the leaky shed we all call home but until then lets eat and be merry dear children of the world.

"Behind a pale blue door, in a darkened alley, on a night in the not so distant future.

The magnificent Brexit laid the surrounding city silent.

If you follow your nose and open your ears and let the breeze carry the waft of cigarette smoke and the whiff of moonshine, the promise of love will drive you on.

With furtive looks you knock three times, a heavily lacquered hand reaches out. Light love and laughter spill out into the night sky before the country falls back into its slumber, only turning slightly in its cold and guilty bed."

Scroll down for menu and booking.... Keep an eye on Facebook for any cancellations.

We are 10!! Come and celebrate with us at The Pale Blue Door!

The Menu... assuming borders are open

Amusing Bouche: A Man To Pet

Greek Salad w/ Danish Feta Cheese, dressed in Cyprus Olive Oil and a splash of Vinagre Vin Rouge

  • Rare RosBif w/ Horseradish Creme Fraiche
  • Warmed Rooster Irish Potato Salad w/ Sicilian Lemon y Mostaza Orlando
  • British Seasonal Greens (get used to them)

Rhubarb Crumble w/ Creme Anglais

£45 per head with half a bottle of wine per person (£20 pp deposit payable upon booking). Vegan and Vegetarian options available, please enquire.

Dates & Bookings

Book now! Email specifying your chosen date and time (8.00pm or 8.15pm arrival).

  • Thursday 4th April - Enquire
  • Friday 5th April - Sold out!
  • Sorry, no Saturday 6th April - Booked for a private party
  • Sunday 7th April - Enquire
  • Thursday 11th April - Enquire
  • Friday 12th April - Enquire (Just a few spots left!)
  • Saturday 13th April - Enquire (Just a few spots left!)
  • Sunday 14th April - Enquire

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