A journey undertaken by myself and partner at the time, William Farr. We decided to travel for 3 months, up and down Chile in an old Suzuki van, finding materials along the way and attempting to build a shelter and live within each Home for a period of time. With varying degrees of success. The weather floated one away, blew one down. We got snowed upon. It was incredibly hard but without doubt one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Countless amazing memories too, the people we met, the landscapes. We were invited to do an exhibition of the journey at The Contemporary Museum of Art in Santiago in May 2014. There is also talk of producing a book of our experience.

The Cabin The Cabin
The Palafito The Palafito
The Beachcomber The Beachcomber
The Treehouse The Treehouse
The Hide The Hide
The Shack The Shack
Exhibition Exhibition
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