House of Hornecker

Oh! The House of Hornecker! What a dream!

Drag queens tumbling downstairs to their lavish scenes below!

I'd been desperately dallying with Christian Wagstaff for a number of years, trying to find the right project to enable us to work together out in Australia, when the cosmos aligned our stars in a number of ways to finally make it happen.

Christian had just taken a job with Public Hospitality, a large hotel and hospitality group in Sydney. World Pride 2023 loomed, and they invited me to present a project to celebrate it.

I'd always been fascinated by queer history and loved reading up on Molly Houses, 18th century gay bars dotted all over London. Part drag emporiums, part brothels but mostly havens for the queers and waifs and strays of the time, usually overseen by a house mother of sorts. Quite the jolly time was had for a number of years before police crackdowns which lead to arrests and even hangings.

Being invited by a hotel group lead me to imagine a drag hotel, with guests staying amongst the drag queens and enjoying the 24/7 melee.

There was to be a bar and show space downstairs and of course I invited my long-time collaborator A Man to Pet to perform and alongside Fancy Shews they wrote an incredible and hilarious story about a soldier waking up after a heavy night in the bosoms of a collection of drag queens before his own transformation begins. Amongst other twists and turns!

Sydney was stunned! The Morning After was a sensation and a magical month was spent in an old colonial hotel that we transformed, all of us living our Molly House dream and performing each night in the show space I created below.

To thank but a few!

A Man to Pet, Fancy Shews, Chraja, Joseph Wilson, Aaron Manhattan, The Harry Morrissey Official, Gaffy Gaffiero, Séayoncé, Sandy Crack, Marissa Wood, Aunty, Adrian Norys, Pencil Vania, Per QX and of course Christian Wagstaff and Public Hospitality.

What a blast! Oh to tumble down those stairs once more!