The Loss of Pan

The Loss of Pan is a story I wrote, loosely based on the gods Pan, Hermes, Narcissus and the nymph Echo. It's a coming of age tale, set within a magical kingdom, which also touches on a number of issues relevant to society as I see it today. Along with the ceramicist, Francisca Valdivieso, we decided to bring the story to life and add another dimension to the adventure.

Three children would depict the 'play' and I would create the scenes with Francisca the characters. Throughout the enactment a love triangle emerged, with tragic consequences for all. It was an exploration of my own childhood in many ways, with its sudden and catastrophic awakening to betrayal and deceit.

We recently exhibited in Gallery XS, Santiago de Chile, June 2015.

The Loss of Pan book is also available! Just clickety click away here!

Photos by Vincent Duraud