The Pale Blue Door, The Bordello, Glastonbury Festival 2010

"News spread fast of the discovery of gold, and the green wagon hurriedly braced itself for her load.

Scrambling over the mountain she discharged her cargo at dawn, a flurry of characterful hands set to work, her innards laid out carefully in the grass.

Their myriad of colours glistened in the sunlight, and as each found its place, the house slowly emerged. Within days she sat proudly on the hill.

The great mining town sprung up around her.

A sea of tents and makeshift caravans housed thousands of people, each had traveled from far and wide in search of adventure, of love and of course gold.

The dilapidated mansion glowed into the night sky, its sounds and rhythms murmured across the muddy fields strewn with drunkards and whoremongers.

A bastion to pleasure, the hungry and horny could only leer through the ramshackle fence, tantalized by the melodies of gentle slaps and giggling tickles, silver forks on fine china, the smell of roast beef, the steam rising from the wash house.

A welcome haven from the muddy fields below, she was a place to relax. Eat some fine food, drink some even finer liquor, take a room upstairs to relax after dinner. A hot wash down after a little love.

The infamous mansion, already the talk of the town will create another thousand stories to tell, folklore for generations to come.

The walls shall seep of moonshine and love.

It's The Bordello, El Restorán Vagabundo. The Pale Blue Door".

My friends Steve and Gideon, fellow set designers of Block 9 fame and Glastonbury stalwarts, invited us to take the restaurant to the festival. I came up with the idea of building a 2 storey house. With a love hotel upstairs and restaurant downstairs. I was inspired by whorehouses in western mining towns. I even roped in two working prostitutes. The whole thing was insane, we were very blatant about it. I suppose no one quite believed it was true. The customers would cheer as the couples emerged from their rooms all disheveled and rosy. Sebastian Muhr designed a pulley system that would deliver condoms to the rooms. One of the prostitutes got one client, I made £20 pounds in commission and was very happy indeed!

We had a beautiful house with 4 bedrooms in the middle of the festival, full of my friends. It was a very magical experience for everyone involved. The team had become a little family and I decided to whisk us all off to Berlin with my next madcap adventure!

Pictures by Manuel Vazquez