Beautiful Freaks, Royal College of Art, London 2010

A year after my show at the Dalston Superstore with Ralf Obergfell we were invited to stage the performance again at The Royal College in a group show with another artist Franco B.

It was to include the same characters as before but with additions such as Scottee, in a giant padded cell and as you peered in through the hole he would dive at you at speed. Alan was the eternal peeing boy. I built a giant box with a DJ inside and bubble machines with a dancing local prostitute. Nando performed behind a series of magnifying glasses, his lips rouged against the glass. Behind a curtain Sizzle sat collapsed on a stool. The masturbating Kevin had an impromptu encounter as a girl broke into the back of his box and climbed on his cock. All you could see through the peephole was her having a rather nice time!

Pictures by Ralf Obergfell