La Jardin, 2012

La Jardin began as an idea developed between myself and Cristobal Muhr. It was an extension of the previous body of work, The Pale Blue Door. We had staged two installations in Chile, one in Santiago and one in Valparaiso. The Berlin Pale Blue Door, where we had lived in a community garden, had inspired us to try and create an urban garden in Santiago, something which had never been done before. We decided to try and find a semi permanent space in Santiago in which to develop a restaurant, a garden and a creative space.

In early 2012 a space was found in Factoria Italia and alongside our business partners Andres Rodriguez and Chino Arellano, we began building in the March and opened in June of 2012.

It flourished and we developed a wonderful space with an open air cinema and restaurant and happy chickens and tomatoes.

Sadly we had to find a new home recently and it has closed.