Telling Tales of Tony

Tony Hornecker is an internationally renowned artist and set designer. His installations have been staged in institutions such as The Royal College of Art, The Royal Opera House and The Architecture Foundation in London. His work incorporates a vast variety of mediums, from the written word to sculpture, architecture and performance. His love of found materials and how to take them, and the viewer on magical journeys into his imagination has gained his work a loyal following.

Tony Hornecker began working as set designer within the fashion industry. He quickly carved a niche for himself, his hand built and quirky approach soon gracing the pages of Another Magazine, Dazed and Confused, ID, Wallpaper and British Vogue. Clients included Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Puma and Kylie Minogue. Collaborating with young designers such as Richard Nicoll, Louise Gray and Nasir Mazhar his fresh and innovative style continued to unfold.

In recent years he began to develop his career as an installation artist, using his turbulent childhood and subsequent adventures in London as inspiration. He staged a couple of very intense and honest shows in his Hackney home and studio. The studio itself becoming an attraction of its own, a unique display of the innards of his soul, abandoned sets and piles of bric a brac, all lovingly arranged and displayed.

In 2009 he opened The Pale Blue Door, an installation of a cabaret and dining experience staged amongst the many nooks and crannies of his elaborate home. It was to be roaring success and continues to entertain occasionally to this day. His love of travel, admiration of gypsies and the art of creating anything out of everything, took the The Pale Blue Door as far and wide as Buenos Aires, Santiago, Berlin, Valparaiso and even Glastonbury Festival.

In 2014 he staged an exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago, The Homes Project. A summary of a journey through Chile, building homes from materials found along the way and attempting to live in them for short periods of time.

Tony currently resides in London and has recently completed an installation for Hermes, creating and devising a 'story' to be told across the windows of Great Britain.

In 2019 Tony opened, a gallery, events space and online shop.