The Pale Blue Door, Santiago de Chile 2010

"The van winds its way down the mountain. Breathless, it coughs over the hill.

Precariously balanced above, its cargo of chairs complain loudly.

A thousand glasses reach for the bright summer sky, their ting rings beautifully with the chink of crockery, the clang of cutlery chimes to the rhythm of crates of wine shuddering under the strain.

The impromptu concerto spills music across the mountain, signaling the arrival of El Restorán Vagabundo.

The doors burst open, laughter tumbles into the morning air as a bottle of London Dry Gin rolls across the roadside.

Stacks of rickety tables, an old blue door and piles of brightly coloured fabrics are all discarded with a sigh from within.

A great structure appears over the rooftops, towers of ladders and streaks of colour billow through the trees.

As the sun begins to set over Santiago, the mountain springs to life as the smell of roast beef, the twinkle of candlelight and the music of the Cueca announce the beginning of another stop on the long road to nowhere.

It's The Pale Blue Door, El Restorán Vagabundo".

It was with my friend and collaborator Cristobal Muhr that the concept of The Restaurant Vagabundo began.

It was winter and both of us wanted to escape to warmer climes. Whilst laundering the tablecloths one very cold and grey Sunday the idea of taking the concept to his home country of Chile began. We managed to persuade his parents to let us build a 'set' in their garden just outside Santiago, for some reason they agreed and we built a lovely series of terraces, with food that was delivered on a series of pulleys designed by Cristobal's brother Sebastian Muhr. It was a great success. Inspired we decided to continue on to Buenos Aires. I jumped on a plane to investigate!