The Pale Blue Door, The Architecture Foundation December 2009

I was invited by the Architecture Foundation in London to stage The Pale Blue Door there in late 2009. The Pale Blue Door was at its peak in London in many ways, the Pop-Up phenomenon hadn't even started, it was getting lots of attention, Time Out, The New York Times, everyone seemed interested. It was a very inspiring time for me.

I came up with the concept of building a suburban street of houses, with people dining in the bedrooms upstairs, the living rooms, toilet and even the tool shed.

Each home represented a place I'd lived in from my childhood, from our house in 1970's Las Vegas to the council house where I'd spent most of my childhood in Bedfordshire in the 80's. Within the 'street' a large table was set. It was all inspired by an image of the silver jubilee party we'd staged, in 1977, that I'd found in my mothers photo album.

All 17 nights sold out in a matter of hours.

Pictures by Manuel Vazquez